MNS East
1 Brazil lsl leonardo soares 1000
2 Canada ST Nick Bonniere 997
3 Russia 025 Evgeniy MOm 985
MNS West
1 United States MAS Leslie Snively 2000
2 United States TWH Tom Holloran 1000
3 United States JD1 John Duke 920
US Nightly Soaring
1 United States 821 Mark Rebuck 5990
3 Canada 59 Jim Miller 5709
US Nightly Soaring Grand Prix
1 Argentina 68 Brian Camps 17
2 Canada CAI Lionel Antoine 12
3 United States MH Josh Meyers 10
3 United States 821 Mark Rebuck 10
Late Night Soaring
1 United States SE3 Robert Seccombe 2000
2 United States POP Joe Redman 1933
3 Argentina 3J JuanS Osella 1000
Pan American Soaring
2 Brazil LSL leonardo soares 944
3 Brazil RQ Rene Queiroz 0
3 Brazil FS Fernando Schirmer 0
3 Brazil RZ R Zanini 0
3 Brazil UP Reginaldo Gomes 0
1 Brazil EWC Eduardo Campolina 2000
2 Brazil LHS Luis Saut 1728
3 Brazil 22 andre vasconcelos 1727

Pan American Soaring
  • Pan American Soaring is a competition that has convenient race schedule for pilots from Brazil, Argentina and Chile.
  • The tasks will be at 23:00 UTC on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 22:00 UTC on Sundays. Tasks will be designed to end before the beginning USNS tasks, allowing USNS regulars to fly this competition too.
  • The task length will be around 1:00 hour for Tuesday and Thursday tasks, and 1:30 hour for Sunday, alternating between thermal and ridge tasks. Join time will be 15 min.
  • PAN is hosted by Campolina, Conrado and Andre.

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Late Night Soaring
  • Late Night Soaring is a 1:15 to 1:30 minute task time competition scheduled later in the evenings
  • We will have tasks every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings at 11:00pm EST (4:00 UTC)
  • LNS is hosted by TWH (Tom Holloran) and Mark Rebuck
  • There will be a 15 minute join time
  • All classes will be used, including Sports Class
  • The servers will be listed on the Condor website and on alternative Hitzi's serverlist.

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Monday Night Soaring Contest
  • Tasks are fun and realistic as we can make them, and all are invited to participate every Monday.
  • No password is required,
  • Join time is only 15 minutes, so get there early!
  • MNS East is hosted by Stephen Hurd, server opening at 7:00 pm EST (00:00 UTC)
  • MNS West is hosted by David Regula, server opening at 7:00 pm PST (03:00 UTC)

The servers will be listed on the Condor website and on alternative Hitzi's serverlist.
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US Nightly Soaring
  • US Nightly Soaring is a daily one hour competition, with alternating ridge and thermal tasks which are moderate in difficulty.
  • The tasks are meant to be able to be completed by newer pilots, but yet also be competitive and interesting for experienced pilots.
  • The ridge tasks are fairly difficult with various options and transitions.
  • We host everyday except Monday at 9pm EST/0200 UTC with a 12 minute jointime.
  • USNS hosts D1, F2, DS, and Mark Rebuck
  • The servers will be listed on the Condor website and on alternative Hitzi's serverlist.
  • There is 11:30 pm deadline for file submission for scoring AAT tasks.
    Tip: How to convert FTR to IGC file
  • If you enjoy this contest, please make a donation to the USNS organizers.

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US Nightly Soaring Grand Prix
  • The Grand Prix will be only on Sundays with Thermal/Ridge tasks accordingly.
  • The tasks all have Regatta starts.
  • The planes are always be classed. Open/18m/15m/Standard/PW5 are all game.
  • The scoring is from 10-1, with 10 points awarded to first place
  • Scoring is also included in the usual USNS monthly ranking with standard time based scoring
  • Grand Prix ranking is be Quarterly and 2/3 of the tasks will count. The intent of this race is to be highly competitive and this mandates consistency in participation
  • Realtime scoring will be disabled

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To talk to your fellow competitors during a race you can use TeamSpeak free software. Connect to the server:, or; password: ask13.

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