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Topic: Unable to Upload to CC
Posted: Tuesday, May 9, 2017 4:33:28 PM

I contacted Thierry Bodin quite some time ago about the refusals to upload and not long ago he replied asking me to send him the offending .fpl's and .ftr's and he would have a look at them to see if he can find a reason for it. I sent him two more since, including Moriarty, USNS 1727 which was the last one I attempted. This was his reply in re 1727.

The thermal activity is set to higher value than authorized by Condor. That's why I reject the FTR.
The FPL doesn't come from Condor Club (it would have been rejected too), so you should ask to MNS organizer to stop hacking settings.
(my highlight)


I should imagine there were similar problems with all the others I couldn't upload.

Robert Seccombe (SE3)
Topic: Blue Screen
Posted: Sunday, April 23, 2017 9:08:27 AM
Oh right, That should have been addressed to Fritid. I'll have a look at the SD.

Robert Seccombe (SE3)
Topic: Blue Screen
Posted: Thursday, April 20, 2017 5:51:44 AM

You are not the only one, I have just stopped flying that scenery. I have had more problems with it to the point of attempting to get a message to the designer but have not heard back.

Take a look at this:

Robert Seccombe (SE3)
Topic: Help! In-flight route planning -- CondorNav, XCSoar, LK8000, ???
Posted: Monday, April 17, 2017 4:52:40 AM

I'm using 4.0 and can't say I have had any problems once I got it set up. Now one caveat, I don't have it working to the point where it sends to my Nexus 7 the translated .tsk and that is really due to I just didn't feel like sorting it out; as I have said, I just use WiFi File Transfer Pro and can move it over to the tablet pretty quick plus in the process I can name the .tsk file(Condor2Nav doesn't do that, just names the translation Condor.tsk every time overwriting the previous) which helps when I am setting up Top Hat for the flight.

There is one problem that crops up once in a while. When I attempt to translate a task flight plan that I have downloaded from the website I get ERROR: '=' sign not found in....... It just requires that I open the flight plan in Condor and save it from there overwriting the one I downloaded. Once I have done that the translation works fine.

I can't tell you anything about CondorNav, I just haven't paid any attention to it.

Good that you have found an Android tablet to have separate from the PC monitor. You will find it is invaluable throughout the race to be able to refer to it instantly, just as it would be in RL.

If you haven't run into this, it is a nice list of the XCSoar Maps:

Maybe you can get Northern Norway to work, I haven't been able too. Let me know.

Robert Seccombe (SE3)
Topic: "The tasks are meant to be able to be completed by newer pilots . . "
Posted: Wednesday, April 12, 2017 5:17:10 AM
Hey Fellows,

Excellent advice Austin. I am coming on two years since I started flying Condor and still do my share of incompletions. I know one aviator's philosophy is that if he doesn't land out 1/3 of the time he isn't pushing himself hard enough.

A large part of my own problem is that I think in terms of RL a fair share of the time, though I, like most, have done things I would in no way do in RL. Last night was a good example where the task was virtually all ridge and I was out ahead but could see he was gaining after starting later. After making the first TP and flying back along the ridge I went by him and saw that he was flying much closer to the ridge than I had been comfortable doing so I got in closer and was able to pick up.

I have to agree with Bleemus that on some tasks that are more ridge orientated and wind strengths that seem at the minimum can be very frustrating. I often will just bite the bullet and take a good ridge induced thermal up and fly more direct all the while wondering how in the world the top guys are able to motor on along the ridge in those conditions.

Robert Seccombe (SE3)
Topic: MNS April 10 score
Posted: Wednesday, April 12, 2017 4:44:13 AM
Thanks for the reminder Mark,

I have been vocal about this very thing and then have overlooked it myself; I'm not there all that much, but as I have said, I really would like to know how some of these guys are working their magic. Of course, just looking at an IGC doesn't tell me how they are able to fly faster and stay higher at the same time, but it does give an idea of the course choices made.

Maybe a reminder in the comments section of the brief, but then how many times has someone asked, "What is the start altitude?"

Thanks for your work on the site.

Robert Seccombe (SE3)
Topic: Help! In-flight route planning -- CondorNav, XCSoar, LK8000, ???
Posted: Sunday, March 26, 2017 9:24:37 AM

I use the "Top Hat" version of XCSoar, , on my Nexus 7 and really like it. It did take me a while to get over the learning curve with its use and setting up and using Condor2Nav to "Translate" the Condor .fpl to the XCS .tsk. To move it over to the Nexus from the PC I use the app "WiFi File Transfer Pro" and it works great. C2N by default names the converted file Condor.tsk so I rename it before sending to the Nexus. It is a couple of steps but it works very well.

-From another post-
After a lot of searching I and with the help of EDB I finally was able to get Condor2Nav to translate .fpl to .tsk though I have yet to get it sent directly to the Nexus. I use WiFi File Transfer Pro to manually send the XCSoar task file to the XCSoarData folder and it works great. From the time I join a competition, I can save the flight plan, translate it, transfer to the Nexus and put it up on my Top Hat Soaring version of XCSoar in less than 45 seconds.

Here is a link with a bit about the subject:

My post has some pics of my setup, though since then I have taken to using the Nexus in portrait.

Here is a link with a bunch of posts on Android and Condor:

Good luck

Robert Seccombe (SE3)
Topic: Please upload flight tracks for Day 363
Posted: Tuesday, March 21, 2017 9:21:21 AM
I uploaded my 2 .ftrs from that task. The first one is the one I did online and landed out. I almost always feel compelled to re-fly them if I didn't like the performance and that is what the second one is. I suppose it should be handicapped somewhat for hind site but it would have had me in third place had I flown it as such.

If you don't usually do it, go in to Flight Analysis and convert them to IGCs and have a look with ShowCondorIGC. I do it often with other's IGCs to see where I messed up.

Next time.

Robert Seccombe (SE3)
Topic: Condor cannot save .ftr
Posted: Sunday, March 12, 2017 4:54:49 PM
Finish a task and was unable to save it and "Last flight" was still the one from earlier in the day.

Any ideas?

Robert Seccombe (SE3)
Topic: Need Northen Norway .xcm
Posted: Sunday, March 12, 2017 4:46:02 PM
Thank you Dan,

Check your mail.

Robert Seccombe (SE3)

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