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Chat causing loss of control Options
Don Sebastian
Posted: Wednesday, February 13, 2019 3:04:38 PM

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This has happened to me twice now in USNS tasks. Ruined two long and very good flights. They were in two different sceneries. They both occured hours into the flights. I have not used chat much so far because I do not type well left handed. It started the same both times. I hit the backspace to start a chat message. I typed the message, looked at the screen and the channel was displayed but no message.

The first time I totally lost control of everything. The sailplane kept flying but I could do nothing to control it. I was in level flight with a little rudder in when it started. The plane did a huge flat slowly descending circle. I had plenty of time to try things. Nothing I tried had any effect except for the escape key. Before I plowed into a mountain I exited the flight by the escape key.

The second time I had already sent a couple of chat messages to a pilot near me. I was climbing in a very strong and turbulent thermal. I started one last message and it happened again. Same thing but this time I still had control of the stick but nothing else. I was in a significant skid/slip on final 35 miles out over high mountains in 22 kt wind. I was curious to see if I could manage to make it back safely under these conditions. With the flaps stuck down it was a long slow difficult leg. I belly landed with water, no spoilers, and the wheel up. Nailed it smooth. Center of the runway.

At this point I guess I will be mute from now on unless someone has a solution.
Posted: Wednesday, March 6, 2019 2:23:05 PM

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Excellent explanation, I share your point of view. Regards
Don Sebastian
Posted: Monday, March 11, 2019 8:06:58 PM

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Well it happened again on another long flight. Since this was a MNS West flight I did a little bit of chat. One too many. Again 35mi out from goal, just topped out at cloud base and started a glide into the head wind. Turned on the auto pilot to get a drink and zeroed in on goal with a conservative glide. The glide computer said I was 150ft low. I was sure I would make it to goal. I started one last chat and lost complete control of the glider. Nothing I could do but sit and see if the glider could finish on its own. It almost did it. There were ups and downs but in the end it made the distance. Unfortunately it missed the goal by a small amount. Not bad when aimed from such a distance. Auto pilot got fairly far off course a couple of times but very slowly came back each time. It became obvious as I got closer to goal that my aim was slightly off so no finish or score. When I reached the goal distance I was very low and aborted the flight.
Posted: Friday, March 22, 2019 9:35:48 AM

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It's happened to me as well. Once was self induced that help lead to a cure. I'd hit a button on my keyboard that brought up the calculator. The button is located just below the reduce volume dedicated key. Try as I could I couldn't regain control of Condor.

It's happened more than once since. I have a button above the (Esc) key that looks like two screens. When I use this it switches between screens that are in use in the background. (even if there isn't any open) I can regain control.

It's also happened when I get to the end of the scenery. It appears that the glider is flying into a headwind that equals the airspeed. A quick reversal has helped on this one. (Once it didn't because I was slow in recognizing the problem. )

I was using Condor2 in the "fullscreen mode" I've since started using it in the "Windowed mode" . It hasn't happened since but maybe not enough time has been logged in this mode.

As a note it's happened in the VR and non-VR environment.
In my case, it is more likely to happen on a long flight but it has happed on a short flight as well. I don't do very much texting so I can't say if that plays a roll or not.

Posted: Monday, March 25, 2019 1:31:12 PM

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It's happened to me several times. They claim it is because something is stealing focus. So I now run a program that shows when focus changes. One of those times it was GeForce Exprience (something like that). So I disabled it. That lowered the number of times it occurs, but it still does. Just going to have to give up on chatting in game. I might have to try windowed mode.

N5503T CN(0OU)

John Ferguson
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